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International Business

In order to give thrust to International Business, a separate International Business Department was spun off from Business Development Department in December, 2008.

The objective of International Business is to continually leverage its capabilities with its USP of “Utility-turned Consultants” to generate superior value to its Clients and Stakeholders and hence become the most preferred Service Provider across globally, to set superior global standards, to gear up for next competitive phase and to learn international best practices, replicate the International learning experience for the benefit of domestic projects and successfully contribute to overall POWERGRID revenues.


POWERGRID- Global Consultant



Based on the rich experience earned through implementation of huge transmission networks in India and abroad and by adopting latest technology in multifarious topology and environment, POWERGRID has emerged as a renowned consultant in Power Sector globally.

POWERGRID’s skill set has been sharpened by project execution experience in extreme conditions both natural and man-made. In spite of all odds, POWERGRID has managed to take up the assignments successfully and implement them successfully within given time-frame.

As POWERGRID is a Utility turned Consultant, the feedback obtained while carrying out the Operation & Maintenance of its projects is ploughed back to its design departments for continual improvement. These point of difference put POWERGRID as the much preferred Consultant to bring in world class solution to its Clients.

So far, POWERGRID has been entrusted with more than 350 consultancy assignments in India and more than 80 assignments in other countries.

Area of Expertise

POWERGRID provides Consultancy services in all areas of Transmission System which inter-alia includes Power System Planning, Design & Engineering, Tendering & Procurement Services, Techno-economic Feasibility Studies, Environment Impact Assessment and preparation of Resettlement Action Plan, Project Management, Construction Supervision, Operation & Maintenance, development of Telecommunication network, Load Dispatch & Communication, Distribution/Rural Electrification/ Sub-transmission, Grid Management, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Capacity Building etc.

Range of Services includes but not limited to following:

System Engineering & Feasibility Studies

  • Power System Planning based on System Studies & Techno Economic evaluation to work out the most feasible & optimal solution.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report.
  • Load flow studies, Dynamic/Transient Studies, Short circuit studies and Reactive power management studies utilizing various advanced software packages viz. PSS/E 26.2.3, PSCAD, EMTP etc.

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan

Design and Engineering

  • Pre Award Design and Engineering
  • Post Award Design and Engineering

Contract Services

  • Preparation of bid documents
  • Calling of tenders
  • Bid evaluation
  • Post bid discussions & Contract Agreement
  • Vendor Assessment

Project Management and Construction Supervision

  • Preparation of Project Implementation Schedule
  • Project Management
  • Preparation of Quality Assurance Manual
  • Supervision of Construction
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • Testing and Commissioning

Owner's & Lender's Engineer

  • Concept of Commissioning
  • Asset Management
  • Economic, Financial and Legal Assessments
  • Analysis and focused conclusions to clearly address the financing from various perspective

EPC Assignment

  • Engineering Procurement & Construction of Transmission Projects on Turnkey Basis

Other Services

  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Oil Testing
  • Preparation of Grid Code
  • Residual Life Assessment of Equipments

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